Inspiron 4150 Memory 2gb

Inspiron 4150 memory 2gb

Dell Inspiron 4150 (Will not take 1GB module) Dell Inspiron 500m Dell Inspiron 5100.

Inspiron 4150 memory speed

Product information and upgrades for Dell Inspiron 4150 from EDGE, a leading supplier of RAM memory upgrades. Earning a PC WorldBench 4 score of 98, the 4150's speed. Speed of RAM: PC-2100 # Banks: 2 # Sockets: 2; Chipset: Intel 845MP The Inspiron 4150, which comes with a standard one-year collect and return. The Inspiron 4150 has 2 memory slots or sockets; This Inspiron module upgrade PIN count is: 200-PIN; The memory speed is: DDR 266MHz, PC2100; The DIMM type for your Inspiron. Radeon 7500 graphics with 16MB of DDR memory, 30GB.

Radeon 7500 graphics with 16MB of DDR memory, 30GB. Value-priced Inspiron 4150 offers sensible design and. Dell Inspiron 4150 This value-priced model's inclusion of. Adding memory to a computer is a relatively quick and painless way to drastically increase the speed and performance of the machine, regardless of whether you use a. Processor & memory; Clock speed: 1.9 GHz: Processor manufacturer: Intel: Processor model Guaranteed Compatible for the Dell Inspiron 5100, 1100, 1150, 4150 and 8200 Laptops; Speed up your system with up to 1.0GB of Memory. Earning a PC WorldBench 4 score of 98, the 4150's speed.

Inspiron 4150 memory

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PRO Dell Inspiron 4150 SO-DIMM, Small Outline DIMM laptop and notebook RAM memory module upgrades. If your computer is not the computer in the title of this ad this part may not function. Your system only supports modules mades with a specific type of chip.

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